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Trading Room

Trading Room

Our Trading Room operates in all the main national and international markets, in fixed-incomes (public and private), currencies, equities and derivatives, for its own portfolio and investment of its core resources, and to execute orders for clients. Said activities are always carried out according to our guidelines which guarantee a high degree of both liquidity and solvency. In addition Cecabank is the Spanish Treasury Public Debt market maker, participating actively in tender processes and providing the liquidity of the secondary market, not only in sales/purchases in cash but also in financing on the repo market, given that the Company is a direct member of the principal Central Clearing Houses (Meffrepo, LCH London, LCH Paris and Eurex). In addition, Cecabank is a benchmark company on the market for the sale/purchase of foreign currency banknotes.

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Luis SoutulloExperto in Treasury Management

With a degree in Economic and Business Sciences, specialising in Quantitative Theory, from the UAM, and a Masters in Financial Markets from the CEU's IES [further education institute], Luis Soutulllo is a member of the Money Markets Contact Group (the ECB's MMCG), the Money Markets and Liquidity Working Group (the ACI's MMLWG) and the Technical Committee of the Financial Markets Association (AMF). He balances his activity heading Cecabank's funding and trading services, which he joined in 1998, with teaching on various postgraduate courses.