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Business Intelligence and Channels

Business intelligence and channels

Cecabank's business intelligence and channels services are divided into multi-channel banking, financial management, e-commerce, business processes and business intelligence, and fall broadly into two categories:

  • Business Intelligence: Commercial information and management services, which, based on transaction and operational data, give useful information for decision-making and identifying business opportunities.
  • New Channels: Includes platforms and services such as the property web portal, branch web terminal, gateways, multi-channel banking, online broker, online banking, mobile solutions etc.

Our experts will explain it to you

José Salvador CasasExpert in interactive services, business intelligence and channels intelligence

With almost 30 years' experience in banking technology, José Salvador has run innovative technology projects in transactions, core banking and new business channels. 15 years ago he set up a Business Intelligence line for a group of Financial Institutions, that he now leads today in Cecabank. 8 years ago he directed the Minerva project, a technological and functional Core Banking Financial Server development project using SOA architecture, and for the last four years has been exploring banking solutions for intelligent banking and advanced digital payment solutions.