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Securities Custody and Settlement

Securities Custody and Settlement

  • Cecabank offers settlement and custody services in national and international markets, allowing its clients to access all markets and product types through one sole provider. Cecabank operates as a 'white label' specialist in Securities Services, with value added services at each stage of the post-trading process. Cecabank is one of the Spanish market's leading suppliers, thanks to its volume of daily settlements and assets in custody.
  • Cecabank has well-established IT solutions, offering its services to Companies and Managers with high levels of equity and numbers of end-clients, as well as direct clients. In our roles as leaders and specialists we take part in all Working Groups for Spanish Securities Market Reform and Target 2 Securities (CNMV, IBERCLEAR, EUROPEAN BANK OF SPAIN and CENTRAL BANK).
  • Our clients are kept informed of all regulatory and operational changes about matters such as the Reform and T2S through our communications, seminars and meetings. We also keep them updated on the role CECABANK will play in every stage of the process, and the services we will offer our clients.
  • To see our Securities Custody and Settlement Quality Policy, click here here.

Our experts will explain it to you

José Luís Rebollo PalomeroExpert in securities custody and settlement

With 30 years' experience and having worked in the fields of Operations, Auditing and Banking Treasury Management, José Luis Rebollo spent much of his career in foreign financial institutions before entering the securities business with Cecabank in 2003. He takes part in various working groups and decision-making forums in the securities world.

  • IBERCLEAR – Technical Committee Advisor
  • BME – Group Central Counterparty
  • BANK OF SPAIN: National T2S User Group
  • EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK: T2S Advisory Group Member
  • EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK: COGESI (Contact Group on Euro Securities Infrastructure)