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    See press release 18/05/2017 The Spanish financial system, towards Target 2-Securities 190 institutions and industry representatives took part in the event, including the CNMV, the Bank of Spain and the ECB See press release 05/04/2017 CK-Lab is born: a hub to promote the financial sector's digital transformation It is hoped that the initiative will create an open model innovation ecosystem that will respond to the changing needs of customers. See press release 23/03/2017 Cecabank consolidates its business model and presents its new 2017-2020 Strategic Plan The plan covers actions across three lines of Cecabank activity (Securities Services, Treasury Management and Banking Services) See press release 13/03/2017 Cecabank consolidates its commitment to Spainsif and corporate responsibility Cecabank has recently joined Forética, DIRSE and the Global Compact. See press release 22/02/2017 Cecabank begins to operate on the MAB and Latibex The company strengthens its current leadership in securities services since it is now present in all the segments of the Spanish stock market See press release 09/02/2017 Standard & Poor's raises the long-term outlook of the Cecabank rating The rating agency highlights the solvency of the company See press release 14/12/2016 Cecabank begins to operate on the equity market Today the Madrid Stock Exchange has registered Cecabank as a member. The provision of equity execution services will help to expand the participation of the institution in the value chain of market services and securities services. See press release 14/10/2016 Cecabank collaborates with the Autonomous University of Madrid for the development of technological solutions applied to the banking sector The banking organisation signs an agreement with the Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid for the financing of R&D projects in the field of biometric recognition of online handwritten signatures. See press release 14/04/2016 Securities Services sector gets ready for imminent reform of securities market Today Cecabank held the 3rd Securities Services Conference, which gathered representatives of 130 institutions See press release 28/03/2016 In 2015 Cecabank consolidated its position as one of the leaders in securities services on the Spanish market This week, Cecabank's General Shareholders Committee approved the accounts for the 2015 financial year, which report a profit of 77 million euros.
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