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About us

is a Spanish wholesale bank that provides banking business process 
support services via a model that is open to the whole market. We offer
our customers the option of delegating to us the financial and
technology tasks in which we specialise, so they can dedicate
themselves fully to their core business of serving their retail

Cecabank’s business is centred on three major areas of specialisation:

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Main facts about Cecabank

Cecabank's main strengths are:

In December 2015 its solvency was 25.5%, and its liquidity ratio 283%.

It has diversified income streams from a wide range of financial and technology services.

It is a neutral service provided that does not operate in the retail market. It does not provide business credit to end customers and has no exposure to property market risk.

It has no hybrid securities or corporate bonds on its balance sheet.


It is the leading independent national depositary for collective investment institutions and individual and collective pension funds. It processes nine billion transactions a year in real time, with a level of service of 99.9999%.
It safeguards a total of €111 billion in securities markets and settles 1,230,000 transcations a year. It handles the Euro 6000 network, with 10 million cards and 746 million transactions a year.
It is a public debt market maker. It handle the European Trionis network, with 300,000 ATMs in Europe and 600 member financial institutions.
It is a member of the 4 main central counterparties (BME Clearing, LCH Londres, LCH París and Eurex). It provides electronic banking services to 1.96 million customers, sending 15 million mobile-phone messages a year.
It is among the market leaders in wholesale banknote distribution. Top 4 members of Iberpay, representing 20 other institutions, with more than 600 million transactions a year.
International presence through its field offices and extensive network of correspondent banks. Top 3 derivatives, FX, repos and securities lending dealers.

Our Emphasis on Excellence

Cecabank's customers are large corporations, particularly in the financial sector, that require a high level of service. Cecabank therefore places the accent on excellence in the performance of its daily business, and therefore has a highly qualified workforce.

Its excellence rests on three main pillars:

Nurturing its human capital: one of Cecabank's strategic goals is managing and retaining talent, along with ongoing employee training.

Prudent risk management: Cecabank is characterised by its prudent and rigorous risk management to safeguard its solvency. This enables us to maintain a Tier I capital ratio of 25.18%.

High-tech capability: Cecabank works according to demanding technology standards, utilising infrastructure and competences developed over many years service to the financial community.

Cecabank's shareholders are: