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About us

Cecabank is a Spanish wholesale bank that provides support services to banking business processes in a model that is open to the entire market. We offer our clients the possibility of appointing us to carry out financial and technological tasks, in which we are specialists, so that they can dedicate their core business fully to the service of their retail clients.

Cecabank's activity focuses on three major areas of specialisation:

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Relevant Cecabank details

Cecabank's main strengths are as follows:

Dispone de una solvencia del 31,65% y un ratio de liquidez del 234% a diciembre de 2016.

It possesses diversified revenue streams, deriving from a broad combination of financial and technological services.

It does not intervene on the retail market; is a neutral supplier, does not offer commercial loans to end customers and does not exposure to the property risk.

No hybrid securities or corporate debts are recorded in its financial statements.

And also:

It is the best renowned national independent depositary for Collective Investment Institutions and individual and collective Pension Funds. It processes 9,000 million real-time transactions a year, with a service level of 99.9999%.
Custodia un total de 121.000 millones de euros en los mercados de valores y liquida más de 750.000 operaciones al año. Procesa la red Euro 6000 con 10 millones de tarjetas. 620 millones de operaciones procesadas, con importes medios totales diarios liquidados de 120 millones de euros.
It is a public debt market maker. It processes the European Trionis network with 300,000 ATMs in Europe and 600 associated financial institutions.
It is a member of the 4 main central clearing houses. Presta servicios de banca electrónica a más de 2 millones de clientes, generando más de 21 millones de mensajes a móviles al año.
It is one of the leaders in wholesale banknote distribution on the market. Top 4 miembros de Iberpay representando a otras 20 entidades, con más de 600 millones de operaciones al año.
Internationally established thanks to its representative offices and wide network of correspondents. Top 3 dealers in derivatives, FX, Repos and Securities lending.

The accent on excellence

Cecabank's clients are large businesses, especially from the financial sector, which demand a high service level. That is why Cecabank puts the accent on excellence in the performance of its daily activity, and to this end it has highly specialised professionals. Proof of this are the AENOR certifications ISO 9001 obtained by the bank for services of Securities Services, as well as for the Payment and Collection Systems, and belongs to the culture of constant improvement and quality of service to which the bank is committed and within which it frames its strategic plan.

Excellence is based on three basic pillars of activity:

Special care for human resources: the management and retention of talent, in addition to the continuous training of employees, is a strategic objective for Cecabank.

Prudent risk management: Cecabank is a company characterised by prudent and rigorous risk management with the aim of preserving its solvency. This allows us to have Tier 1 capital ratio of 25.18%

High technological ability: Cecabank performs its functions under demanding technological standards, making good use of the infrastructures and capabilities developed over many years of service to the financial community.

Cecabank's shareholders are: