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In March 2012, CECA's Board of Directors took the decision to commence the separation of its financial business arm to a newly created bank: Cecabank. It was agreed that through this bank, CECA would conduct its business activities and services indirectly.

Cecabank, a wholesale financial services bank, was created on 12 November 2012 with a mission to offer its financial services to the financial system as a whole.

Under this new structure, CECA's governing bodies will continue to make decisions relating to the association in order to safeguard the interests of its member companies (banks and savings banks undertaking financial activities) and partner companies (foundations and savings banks undertaking financial activities). The governing bodies of the new bank, Cecabank, will be in charge of activities relating to the provision of services.

With regard to shareholdings CECA itself holds 89% of shares in the new bank and the remaining 11% are held by various other financial entities.