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Letter from the Cecabank CEO

Cecabank has become a Spanish leader on the specialist wholesale financial services market.

We are a wholesale bank, of Spanish capital, dedicated to providing services with a high level of requirements and excellence to all financial institutions, as well as to large businesses. Our strengths are closely linked to our values:

nuestra gran especialización en el sector financiero, fruto de los años de experiencia, nos sitúan en una posición de liderazgo en conocimientos y rigor;
nuestra capacidad tecnológica nos permite ser capaces de gestionar un alto volumen de procesos con una gran precisión, lo que revela nuestra capacidad de adaptación al cambio;
y nuestra gestión prudente y rigurosa, con el objetivo de preservar nuestra solvencia, pone de manifiesto el arte de la prudencia que aplicamos en nuestro día a día.

We are committed to professionalism in all three of our service areas:

Securities Services engloba toda la cadena de valor del servicio de depositaría, custodia y liquidación de valores, tanto de carácter nacional como internacional. It is the area that has grown the most since our foundation: we are the benchmark independent national depositary for Collective Investment Institutions and Pension Funds (CII/FP); and we have the necessary know-how to simultaneously carry out different business depositary integration processes in the shortest possible time.

In Treasury Management, we carry out trading, liquidity management, collaterals, derivatives, operations on our own behalf and for third parties, and we operate in the main currencies; we are market makers of Spanish public debt; a member of the four central clearing houses (CCP); and are market leaders in the wholesale distribution of banknotes.

And in Banking Services we offer support solutions to business processes specialised in payments, business channels and intelligence; somos intensivos en capacidad tecnológica, por lo que podemos ofrecer una amplia oferta de servicios bancarios que requieran la gestión de procesos, como medios de pagos o inteligencia de negocio; we have a whole network of overseas correspondents for developing business abroad; and we offer financial training services via our own school, in addition to regulatory advice and consultancy services.

Thanks to these foundations, Cecabank has consolidated its leadership in the Spanish post-trading business.


Mr José María Méndez Álvarez-Cedrón

CEO of Cecabank