Securities Services

The Spanish industry in TARGET-2-SECURITIES

18 MAY 2017 MADRID

IV Securities Services Conference

The Spanish industry in TARGET-2-SECURITIES

For 4 years, Cecabank, as an outstanding player in the custody and depositary of collective investment institutions and pension funds in Spain, has brought industry professionals together with supervisors and regulators to reflect and debate on the operational, regulatory and market changes that continuously occur and have a direct impact on this business.
On 18 May, the IV Securities Services Conference organised by Cecabank will be held at the Madrid Stock Exchange. On this occasion, securities companies, managers of CIIs and pension funds, venture capital companies and banks meet a few months from Spain's entry into Target 2 Securities and the culmination of the Securities Clearing and Settlement Systems' Reform with the implementation of Phase II, with the aim of analysing the impacts that all these changes are going to have on the investment industry.
Day-to-day work prevents us from stopping to reflect on the repercussions that regulations, operational and market changes have on our business.
Last year there were more than 300 attendees from 130 institutions. I invite you to participate in the conference and to dedicate a morning, that will undoubtedly be enriching, to share perceptions with sector professionals. We hope to see you again.


Javier Planelles Cantarero
Operational Services Manager

About the conference

The IV Securities Services Conference: "The Spanish industry in Target-2 Securities" will take place on 18 May at the Madrid Stock Exchange. It is a unique forum for the exchange of experiences, cooperation and innovation.
Last year, under the title “On the Market Reform of Securities to T2S” the debate was centred around the effect of UCITS V on management companies and depositaries, the new Regulation of the VIP Act, the implications of the EMIR changes including secondary market derivatives in securities clearing and the reform of the Spanish securities clearing, settlement and registry system prior to the incorporation of the Spanish market into Target 2 Securities.
On this occasion, the subjects of debate will be centred around the entry of Spain into Target 2 Securities and the culmination of the Securities Clearing and Settlement Systems' Reform with the implementation of Phase II. In addition, there will be debate on the challenges and opportunities of pension funds in Spain and on the impact of UCITS V and MiFID II on investment funds.

On Cecabank Securities Services

Cecabank is a wholesale, independent and neutral bank (no retail clients) that has established itself as an outstanding participant in the activity of Securities Services thanks to its profound knowledge of the business and a high level of specialisation in all links of the value chain.
Cecabank offers its clients all its knowledge and experience with a model that is open to all types of financial institution and organisations on the basis of the effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability of its solutions. In this respect, Cecabank has a solid network of strategic alliances with specialised first level suppliers, focusing on innovation and on the design of custom-made solutions for its clients.
The purpose of Cecabank is simply to contribute to the optimisation of synergies by the different participants in the ecosystem of the investment and management of assets.

Who are our clients
  • Managers of CIIs and Pension Funds, Venture Capital Companies and VIPs. Depositary and cash management services.
  • Market actors. Settlement and clearing services.
  • Banks, Securities Companies and Insurers. Services of sub-custody, clearing and settlement of securities.
  • For all kinds of organisations. Execution services.










Event programme

D. Ángel Benito, Consejero de la CNMV
Dª. Ana Isabel Pereda, Directora de Expansión
D. José María Méndez, Director General de Cecabank

D. Jesús Benito, Consejero Delegado de Iberclear
D. Ignacio Terol, Deputy Head of Division Market Infrastructure Development BCE
D. Javier Domínguez, Managing Partner en Auriga Global Investors, SV
D. José María Grande, Socio de Monitor Deloitte
D. José Luis Rebollo, Jefe División de Valores de Cecabank

Chairman: Mr Javier Planelles, Head of Operational Services at Cecabank

Mr. Rodrigo Buenaventura Director General of Markets - CNMV

Presenter: Mr Jaime Pinto, Editor of Fundspeople

Pension funds in Spain: Challenges and Opportunities

D. José Carlos Vizárraga, Director Gerente de Ibercaja Pensión
D. Diego Valero, Presidente de Novaster
D. José Antonio de Paz, Subdirector General de Planes y Fondos de Pensiones de la DGSFP

Chairman: Mr Alberto Torija, Partner of Investment Management at Deloitte

Dª. Arantzazu Loinaz Pérez, Directora del Área de Negocio de Caixabank AM
D. Jorge Vergara, Subdirector de Supervisión de IIC-ECR CNMV
D. José Carlos Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Jefe División Depositaría Fondos de Cecabank

Chairman: Mr Antonio Romero Mora, Assistant Manager of Association Services and Audit Area at Cecabank

Mr Juan Ayuso, General Manager of Operations, Markets and Payment Systems at Banco de España
Mr Antonio Massanell, CEO of Cecabank


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Leading figures attending the event

Mr Ángel Benito

Mr Ángel Benito


Ana Isabel Pereda

Ms Ana I. Pereda


Jose M Mendez

Mr José Mª Méndez


Jesus Benito

Mr Jesús Benito


Jose Ignacio Terol

Mr José Ignacio Terol

Deputy Head of Division Market Infrastructure Development

Javier Dominguez

Mr. Javier Domínguez

Managing Partner in Auriga Global Investors

Jose Maria Grande

Mr. José María Grande

Consultancy division member

Jose Luis rebollo

Mr José Luis Rebollo

Head of Securities

Javier Planelles

Mr Javier Planelles

Director of the Operations Division

Jaime Pinto
Jaime Pinto

Mr. Jaime Pinto


Jose Carlos Vizarraga

Mr. José Carlos Vizárraga

Executive Director
Ibercaja Pensión

Diego Valero

Mr. Diego Valero


Jose Antonio de Paz

Mr. José Antonio de Paz

General Deputy Director of Pension Plans and Funds

José Carlos Sánchez

Mr José Carlos Sánchez-Vizcaíno

Director of Funds Depositary

Alberto Torija

Mr. Alberto Torija


Jorge Vergara

Mr Jorge Vergara

Deputy Managing Director of Supervision

Antonio Romero

Mr Antonio Romero

Assistant Manager - Association Services and Audit Area

Juan Ayuso

Mr. Juan Ayuso

General Manager of Operations, Markets and Payment Systems
Bank of Spain

Antonio Massanell

Mr Antonio Massanell


Antonio Massanell

Mr Rodrigo Buenaventura

Managing Director of Markets


Ms. Arantzazu Loinaz Pérez

Business Division Manager


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Conference Location
  • Madrid Stock Exchange
  • Plaza de la Lealtad, 1. Madrid
  • 9.00 am - 2.30 pm
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