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MIFID II as a boost to digital transformation in asset distribution

The technological transformation involved in the adoption of MIFID II, can promote a new model for distributing financial products that contributes added value to your customers. Cecabank has formed an allegiance with some of the main operators in the market, Management Solutions, Finametrix and Web Financial Group, to offer a Solución Global de Valores (Comprehensive Securities Solution) that proposes an innovative marketing strategy in this new regulatory environment and an opportunity to boost business.

A meeting took place on Monday 11 December at the Cecabank headquarters, which included the participation of various experts in order to assess the outlook for the short and medium-term application of these new regulations that will partially come into effect on 3 January. En este evento, Cecabank presentó ‘Solución Global de Valores’, un sistema fácilmente integrado con el propio ecosistema de la entidad, flexible, modular, multiplataforma y ágil. With this comprehensive securities proposal, Cecabank furnishes each client with a tailored adjustment process to meet the new regulatory demands, bolstering a business model specific to each company and providing a diverse selection of products (asset marketing, in-company and third-party investment funds and pension funds).

For further information on the event enquire here.

For further information on the 'Solución Global de Valores' (Comprehensive Securities Solution) enquire here.


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