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Spanish 'Value' consultants gather at Iberian Value

The first Iberian Value took place on 3 July at the Madrid Stock Exchange, an event sponsored by Cecabank and organised by El Confidencial and Finect.

Some of the most prominent consultants on a national level took part in the event, such as, Francisco García Paramés, from Cobas; Beltrán de Lastra, from Bestinver; Javier Rillo, from Ibercaja; Iván Martín, from Magallanes; and Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro from azValor.

The event also included the participation of Gonzalo Lardiés (A&G) and Ángel Fresnillo (Mutuactivos); Juan Cruz (Cygnus) and Georgina Sierra (Solventis); Pablo González (Abaco), Miguel Jiménez (Renta 4) and Francisco Sainz (Imantia Capital), and Alejandro Estebaranz (True Value), Javier Ruiz (Metagestión), Arturo Benito (Alpha Plus) and Luis de Blas (Valentum).

Iberian Value is a benchmark event in Spain at a time when author management and the appearance of innovative management projects have coincided with the pursuit by investors for new formulas for obtaining returns.

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