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“How to meet Digital Challenges in the Financial Sector ”

Digitisation Conference – Banking Training School

The unstoppable process of digitisation entails a number of enormously important changes in all business sectors, and the financial sector is not left on the sidelines of this new technological reality.

In contrast with the error of considering the digital phenomenon to be simply one channel more, on the one hand digitisation implies an internal transformation of the leadership, structure, processes, technology and people of organisations, and, on the other hand, a new focus for products and orientation towards customers that already operate in and from digital environments to a great extent. This, in such a way that the concept of integral digitisation entails a new organisational culture and “mindset” in the sector.

To respond to all of these internal and external challenges, this conference, organised by Cecabank's Banking Training School, is being held, where the analysis of successful experiences of financial institutions is combined with reflection and action plans in order to effectively deal with the pressing challenges imposed by a digital future that it is already present.

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The conference will take place on 2 June, in CECA's conference room, from 10:00 to 14:00.


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